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Its gempurbio.blogspot ~ an educational blog..A must visit especially for SPM sitting-exam students 🙂   Advertisements

I’m Switching To BLOGSPOT.

Attention : i’m no longer active in wordpress .Instead please be free to visit blogspot .JUST Click on the image :

Post mortem…

Well, well…SPM result was out.. Three subjects excelled, the rest were not up to expectation, including Biology. I was devastated by the result..I never thought it  wld dropped reaching 3 (0.7 drop) ..Grrr..It indeed upset me, And of course the whole of Bio department.. There were a few surprises: two from 5Adioda scored B (By […]


Welcome to my Blog.. Here you’ll learn all about me, my career, my subject- Biology, You’ll have all the opportunities to access materials which are specially prepared for Biology teachers and Biology students of Form 4 and Form 5. Should you have any suggestion and comment, mail me at Thank You.