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When GC SBP Meet..

 When all GCs from Sekolah Berasrama Penuh (SBP ) meet..for three days at Summit Hotel  Subang Jaya, (There were altogether about 100 GCs , I’ll check the exact figure later ) They came from all over Malaysia representing all subjects..and Me, of course Biology. You can imagine what happened..Oh yaa..what happened?  Well, first nite, a […]

Planet Holidays

Umm..the title sounds so great. It sounds as if  i’m going to another planet for a holiday..Guess what it is all about? 3D 2N stay at Bukit Tinggi (Planet Holidays is the Agency?), travel date 7-9 March by air bus Air Asia..Assembled at LCCT, by SESERI bus, 18 of us teachers and AKS (anggota kumpulan […]

One hour caught in the jam… spoilt my day

Urghh…terrrible! I stopped the car, switched off the engine, on the middle of the road. Believe it or not?..Jln Kuching macam satu pesta..Pesta kereta yang ‘stayed still’ on the road in the heavy rain. Hopeless, helpless…Ini gara-gara hujan lebat tanpa henti..KL banjir kilat. And poor me got stucked there..a waste of time. And in the car, i […]