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Well, well…SPM result was out.. Three subjects excelled, the rest were not up to expectation, including Biology. I was devastated by the result..I never thought it  wld dropped reaching 3 (0.7 drop) ..Grrr..It indeed upset me, And of course the whole of Bio department..

There were a few surprises: two from 5Adioda scored B (By right all should be able to score A..), And worst still in 5Bakerara (which is supposed to be the second class out of six)  , only 11 scored A out of 32 girls ..the rest scored B and adding to it, two even scored  C???  God Almighty..What have gone wrong? I thought they have had enough revision , enough practice of writing essays..I have given all the necessary tips, guidance..and yet?..I didn’t expect this is the price paid for what i have given them..I definitely expect they could perform better than this..It is the utmost  frustration..(That nite I went through Paper 2 and Paper 3 SPM Qs again..just to check, what’s wrong with the questions?..Why they couldn’t answer it?????)

One day after SPM result was out, there was an Annual Meeting for PIBG..and as expected we got a blow from ONE unappreaciated parent and even from  our YDP..Waaa…waa..bukan main lagi perli teachers. So U think their  job is to turn the world upside down? As if teacher is the only factor for the drop of  the result!..What a shame, living so long in this world but think shallow…GGrrrr……..

Teachers were angry and  hurt (maybe not the teachers whom their subjects scored better ) with the so ‘ uncalled  for remarks’..Watch out your mouth!!! At times like this, you (all parents) better let us think tank abt what to do next…Of course we will find reasons behind all these, and find the remedies so that it wont be repeated. You can give constructive ideas, but not to condemn..because if u think u r better than us, go ahead.. teach ur child..dont send it to us..Again…GGRRRRRRRRRRRR

Do not belittle our effort, don’t ever dare to say that we are not commited..Who are you to say such words to us..After all what do you know of us ? You better just keep quiet. Let us handle this problem. You play your role and we play ours…

We are the commited group. We plan and implement..The rest we leave it to the students to play their role too. As for Biology, they need to memorise a lot but they want a short cut..There is no short cut in Biology..Ask students who scored A Biology..Most of them deserved it bcoz they never give up memorising. But i think some of the students this year’s batch failed to memorise facts well, at the same time cldnt produced answers according to marking scheme. That’s one of the many reasons.

Well..let bygone be bygone. No matter what you, parents said about us, we take is as a challenge. For instance, to improve Bio scores this year, i intend to continue  giving the best that i have..I think i’m going to drill more..more exercises, more exposure..more and more and more…Next week i’m going to meet eye-to-eye with each and warn them to work harder..there’s no short cut to score A Bio..U must be determined to score A.

For those who managed to score A Bio in SPM 2008, I salute u,girls…You are my Girls…


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  1. dura

    it’s very hard to be a teacher nowadays-if the result dropped, it’s on our necks but if the results are good, are we given the credits, do we have flowers thrown and red carpets laid? (T_T)This double standard must stop and PIBG must help out too-giving funds and money are NOT helping out. Be more supportive and concerned about the school and the condition generally (no need to fret about their kids cuz they’re doing it very well LOL)
    Kak Yah,
    keep on fighting yeah!!! *\o/*
    btw love the blog-it’s nice and easy on the eyes, and you’re such a fine storyteller-blog more please (^_^)

    • mahadiah

      Duraaaa…Thanx. See! when buddy wrote!!! i love the correct way/sentence u put it here..whereas mine is a bit improper..basically bcoz i just let go what i feel without much thoughts on the correct way to put it..Otherwise i wld never get my ideas done..But I’m learning bit by bit..with time and exposure, hope it wld be better..And ur different facial expression! How creative! I’m slowly picking up ‘this ICT language’–at this age 😛

  2. ainah

    cikgu…sampai mcm tue cikgu2 kena??? saya tumpang sedih!!!
    tp saya agak mmg cikgu yg paling sedih sbb before diz. zenith plg hebat dlm bio tetiba spm betul….

    • mahadiah

      ..Yes Ainah..I’m very sensitive when bio is concerned.(May be not other teachers).And i’m very serious in what i’m doing..So all along i thought ur batch could produce better result than year before..I have confident in Zenith, tapi it turns out that way, so i’m searching for the reasons..not to blame anyone but so that i can improve..tak nak berulang lagi tahun ni..BTW thanx for leaving comment..i’m moving to blogspot now :

  3. farahnadiah

    pn. mahadiah..
    i’m deeply sorry 4 what our batch had done ..
    me n maryam were trully n deeply n tremendously shocked with da batch’s result..
    after we got the averall results..including bio..
    we..especially maryam as she was the head of department were really sad..
    yes teacher..we were really sad..
    whatever we said nothing compared to what you faced at school in meetings..da pressure..n anger..
    i’m sorry teacher..
    huh..whatever it is..whatever the parents complained..
    i still think you are the best bio teacher eva..
    thank you teacher..
    because if not because of your efforts n pn siti fatimah’s efforts..and other teacher’s efforts..
    there will not be 35 of us scored straight A’s in our SPM..
    nobody can change that..
    thank you teacher!!!!
    GO BIOLOGY!!!!!!

    • mahadiah

      Nadiah..its ok.I know all of u esp Bio dept hv worked hard..but just that luck was not at ur side..its over..dah lepas i’m planning for tis coming spm so that it wont be repeated..Anyway pls tell me wat r u and maryam doing..visit me at and email at .Keep in touch!

  4. sofya zulkiffli

    hi teacher…
    i actually felt your anger when i read what u wrote…
    you really pored ur heart out teacher…
    it’s not fair for u and all the other COMMITED., LOVING,and other words that describe a perfect teacher.
    those parents should not blame on the deterioration of the results on the teachers…
    the teachers have poured all their knowledge unto the students..
    we students take u teachers for granted…


    something that i wanna tell you…

    if people have chance on picking their teachers,
    the first thing i would do,
    is to quickly pick you,
    becoz if i’m late…i will lose u to others…


    LOVE YOU!!!

  5. zaid sahlan

    kami mohon jasa baik puan utk e mail soalan ujian rasmi 1 tahun 2011 subjek biologi ting 4 sekolah puan.
    alamat e mail
    jasa biak puan didahului dgn ucapan terima kasih

    Zaid B Sahlan
    GC Sains Pertanian
    SMK Sultan Abdullah

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