When GC SBP Meet..

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 When all GCs from Sekolah Berasrama Penuh (SBP ) meet..for three days at Summit Hotel  Subang Jaya, (There were altogether about 100 GCs , I’ll check the exact figure later ) They came from all over Malaysia representing all subjects..and Me, of course Biology.

You can imagine what happened..Oh yaa..what happened?  Well, first nite, a motivational Talk lasted until about 10.00pm by Tn Hj K . A reminder to stay excellence, especially in Teaching & Learning (T&L), Our core bisness..Excellent examples around the world were quoted..so we were supposed to consider the examples whether  to implement it or not..Ask urself..

The presentation was focused on ‘The concept of Contextual Multiple Intelligence (CMI) and Triplisation Education’ : Learning intelligent Person, Cultural Intelligence, Political Intelligent person, social intelligent person, economic intelligent person, technological intelligent person..My God..Membina modal Insan ..What a difficult task..nak jadikan pelajar SBP yang holistic…**SIGH**If i have time i will strike Goggle to search for this CMI.

The next morning, four GC GKC presenting their experiences, their pathway leading to the ultimate carrier in their lives. Tn Hj A membicarakan tentang Impak GC, suggesting to do something out of routine (I scratched my head, thinking what is that “something out of routine” for me? and i will do it too)..membaca terus membaca? I already did it!, Mesra pelajar? ..out of question!!.

En YPL : He who prepares well teaches well..YES! I agree and it is very true..GC perlu buat penilaian dan maklum balas, perlu buat analisis soalan, mind mapping pada akhir setiap topic, buat pemulihan..etc..etc..He introduced Modul Pengajaran 3+ 1 (GC Bio plan to follow this idea).

Pn H introducing Creative practices in the classroom, 6-Thinking Hats..En TKA suggesting Lesson Study Group (Which i’m attracted to do it)..As for my case, may be: Aim is :To promote good practice in Biology teaching..among Bio teachers!..So we are actually always in search of BEST PRACTICES IN TEACHING…

Finally our Pengarah urged all GC to update File system and cultivating Action Research Culture among GC..Research..research…and research…

The next morning, mesyuarat GC SBP to elect  AJK….then urging all GC to blog. Then somebody said that GC blog is not for u to insert all ur personal photos, or ur personal activities BUT strictly for sharing T&L (Which i  strongly disagree , because as for me, blog is my diary of activities, it could be either my personal or my T&L problems, as i go along teaching, so that other teachers cld share them with me ..not just merely where all links are provided for u to click)….A different of opinion here..I stick to mine.

Finally, we were split into groups according to subjects..There goes Bio GC at one corner: There are altogether 12 of us: Me from SESERI, Habsah from Sc Kuching, Noridah from Syed Putra, Mazinah from Farez Putra, Meli from Sc Trg, Kak Yan and Mei Ling from STF, Noraini from Sc Muar, Izzani (New GC)..3 were  not around, Hasimah SSP, Uyun Sc KSgor and Muslimah, Sc Trg…So we were discussing..Tasks allocated: each of us have to prepare Modul pengajaran 3+1 and should have a blog of our own..As for me, i don’t have to worry coz i have already ONE J


Wif Irene and Foo


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