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..its only the beginning..

Well..that’s what happen the whole week..Its only the beginning…I was hardly in school for the whole week..come back home at the late hours. What more to blog? Luckily have time to eat and sleep. I miss ‘blogging’ because i need it to release my tension. By sharing and passing it to others, at least my worries […]

My Bio place!

Howdy…(wordpress wishing me..). Whole of thursday is free from T&L for GCs in WPKL. Dont get me wrong, free from T&L in classroom doesnt mean u can go home sleep. But today is the only day i cld plan, replan, reorganise, redo, rearrange my work/activity schedule for another week and time for reflection too…but definitely […]


PPSMI..the most talked issue  in town..In fact the whole of Msia..It has been discussed by everybody (who think they have reason to voice out their opinions..maklumlah, democratic country? )..But definitely teachers are the ones who r directly involved implementing it..So ask teachers!!!!! SESERI teachers somehow r putting all effort to be better in delivering subject […]

I’m back from Colloquium

At last..I’m back to blog..after 3 days attending colloquium of elective subjects for SBP teachers. First of all i’ve checked the spelling for ‘Colloquium’.. (in BM is Kolokium)   The word “colloquium” is derived from the Latin “colloquium,” meaning “to talk together.” The word conveys a conversation that is both structured and informal,….- academic seminar: […]

Sixth week of school..

Well…its already 6th week..and yet the chapter “transport’ is still incomplete. CNYear long break plus Thaipusam ve somewhat disturb the chain of reaction! Infact today, whole day is gone wif F4 registration.. This whole week looks like going to be gone with the wind since most of the students r involved with cocurr activities: bola […]

I’m glad I am a Teacher

A wonderful poem cited 4 years back at Langkawi Seaview Hotel where Master teachers  (Excellence Teachers) met..What a memory! Credit to all teachers in Malaysia. God bless you for what u have given to the children…and mankind. I’M GLAD I AM A TEACHER   I would rather be a teacher than a statesmen, For he […]

Body defence mechanism & Immunity

Well..i’ve started the day with this sub topic. Ive completed explaining to all three form 5 classes about Body defence mechanism. I’m not using Teaching CWare distributed by KPM, instead i used my own created Power Point to explain it. Of course it started with the three lines of defence mechanism. Students were arguing over […]

Blood Clotting Mechanism

Ya Tuhan..I never thought my students couldnt remember the sequence of event of the blood clotting mechanism..Not after they answered 2 questions as aReflection for that subtopic. Actually it is Qs 7 of SPM real Qs 2008 for them to try out in 30 minutes’ time. Of course no reference, no discussion were allowed..and they […]

Microscope skills

Bio teachers of Malaysia, please make sure by the time  your students are in Form 5, they shld be able to handle microscope well. From what i observed, they are still careless over it. Some are changing the power lens carelessly and cause the slides to break. Even when keeping microscope after used,they simply forget to […]

When sifu starts to blog..

At last..I manage to get started.Its difficult to start.It has been two years,…i”ve been wanting to be one of the ‘bloggers’. Simply because i want to record and share my experiences in teaching life.Why not? I’ve been a teacher since 1980..Just count the years back..How many years I’ve been a teacher? A dedicated and passionate […]

New Items

Here are the new items… To download file, simply right click on Download, then click ‘Save Target As’.. Tip Kertas 3 DOWNLOAD Analisis Bio DOWNLOAD Bio Prior SPM DOWNLOAD Human Blood Group Notes DOWNLOAD


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